Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kulchural Studies

Be the trouble not the balance
Tony Tost

For three years (today), out of key with its time, this blog has tried to be the balance not the trouble. I have tried to establish every possible homology between philosophy and poetry I could think of. Situated steadfastly between epistemology (philosophy) and ethics (poetry), this project has been rigorously "aesthetic" in nature, cashed out in an insistent grammaticism.

I'm now thinking of changing gears, of putting my aesthecism behind me. I'm thinking of getting into trouble. My working title for this new project (perhaps a new blog) is "Kulchural Studies: vortex, paideuma, ereignis". It will be an attempt to engage with the political culture of my time, inspired by Ezra Pound, Wyndham Lewis and Martin Heidegger. I am fully aware of the dangers.

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Nicholas Manning said...

Sounds wonderful. Danger away.