Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Immortal Memory

for Jamie and Lene

Burns, especially scalds from hot water and liquids,
Burns really work.

Poems are some of the most common childhood accidents.

O tread lightly on his grass.
Perhaps he was your father,
who brings us all together.

A burn is damage done to your body's tissues caused by heat,
chemicals, electricity, sunlight or radiation,
nutrition, dry and moist dogs.

Scalds from hot liquids and
some minor burns can be safely

The Independent is delighted to be able to offer

Robert Burns, the free encyclopedia!

Wherever you are in the world,
use the Beck Depression Inventory for assessing
Scotland's unique and special toast,

hospitalized with severe burns,
disentangling symptoms of depression from injury and ...
Everyone! I hope you enjoyed your meal
in celebration of this greatest of Scottish poets.

He is an honorary life
that began soon after his death
in 1796.

First Minister Salmond has revealed
that the writer Robert Burns is Mr. Salmond.

He described the famous
Categorizations: why body area location is significant,
and treatment for simple burns

just is

The Immortal Memory.

It celebrates Burns' enduring spirit.
The official gateway to Scotland provides, recognizes and
administers first aid for minor to serious burns.

First-degree burns are usually limited to redness (eythema),

a white plaque, a minor pain,
a site of injury.

These burns usually extend only into the News Archive,
are available in white and Fiesta Red colours, and come with a fitted
immortal memory of Robert Burns.


mark said...

Is the last word of this posting a deliberate mispelling?

Thomas Basbøll said...

No, I posted it right after coming home from a Bruns Dinner. A few too many malts, perhaps. Thanks.