Monday, June 09, 2008

As It Were a Monogram

"The image is a product of the empirical faculty of productive imagination, the schema of sensible concepts (such as figures in space) is a product and as it were a monogram of pure a priori imagination through which and in accordance with which the images first become possible, but which must connected with the concept, to which they are in themselves never fully congruent, always only by means of the schema that they designate." (Kant, KRV A 141-2/B 181, 1781/1787)

"One is trying to record the precise instant when a thing outward and objective transforms itself, or darts into a thing inward and subjective." (Pound, Gaudier-Brzeska, 1916)


Laura Carter said...

I like the Pound quote here. I don't think is too removed from Sartre's insistence that there is a pre-reflective and a reflective consciousness, the reflective perhaps being the instant when the image becomes subjective.

Laura Carter said...

Addendum: "it" is too removed.