Monday, August 11, 2008

Marcus and Zizek

Kasey has drawn our attention to this somewhat silly interview with Slavoj Zizek. At the Toronto airport, I picked this issue of Harper's off the shelf, initially for the cover story. I bought it, however, because of this piece by Ben Marcus, which I think is worth reading alongside the Zizek interview. As an added bonus, we have Gabriel Gudding's poem about time pieces.


Presskorn said...

I never got around to thanking you for your (meta-)comments on my comment to your last post…

Regarding the Zizek-Q&A, I partially attribute him the position of the master, i.e. I think he is being intentionally silly (not just intentionally hilarious), but perhaps that because he was my old professor. In any case, he would often stress the importance of SEEMING inconsistent and outrageous… But of course, one wonders whether a thinker like him has any choice but to seem inconsistent and outrageous.

mark (the ideophone) said...

Hi Thomas,

I couldn't find an email address - just want to notify you of the move of The Ideophone to I would appreciate it if you could update your blogroll accordingly.

Kirby Olson said...

I liked the interview a lot.

I couldn't open Gabe's poem.

Not a subscriber to that filthy rag.