Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama as Anti-capitalist

"We have an economy that is creating hardship for families all across America."

I know he didn't mean it like that, but here's a sentence that, when taken out of context, gives me the audacity to hope that an Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez can talk like civilized people (rather than lipsticked Orwellian pigs?) after the former is elected and the latter resumes normal diplomatic relations with the Empire. Obama of course meant that the current state of the economy, not the state-capitalist economy as such, creates hardship for families. But I'll take what I can get in this age of phony outrage.

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Kirby Olson said...

They are both just yanking one another's chains at this point, and yanking the chains of the knee-jerk public.

But there's only so much of it that any of us can stand.

Perhaps if one of them would just go to sleep, and tell us, I will sleep on the job and do nothing, their poll numbers would skyrocket.

I'm for keeping everything exactly as it is. Lutheran Surrealism's placards read, (instead of change), "Stasis!"