Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too Much Information?

“Campaigns tend not to worry about overkill,” [says Ken Goldstein]. “Campaigns, by definition, are overkill.”

I was worried about this "infomertial" from the first time I heard about it. Both candidates were basically trying to get through the debates, not blow it, if you will. Well, now Obama, who is doing fine, is putting up a half hour target in which he will either have to say something that will have questionable appeal, or come off as saying nothing for half an hour. Granted, I believe he is up to the challenge. But he's normally risen to occasions that were forced upon him. Now he's just going out there and risking it for ... well, yes, I wonder ... for the fun of it? What is he trying to prove? What does he really stand to gain? Hopefully, the show itself will answer these questions.

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