Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Redistribution of Wealth

John Thune's ability to "put things very simply in perspective" is exemplary. Josh Marshall at TPM perceives an opening for some work across the aisle. I also have a somewhat modest proposal. A trillion may seem like a lot of money, but it's really only about 3500 dollars per American. Okay, that's a lot of money for some people and it wouldn't help the stagnant economy very much if the government just appropriated it. But the idea gets me thinking. A trillion is only a million million dollars and there are something like 10 million millionaires in the US. So if they each "gave" 100,000 dollars (i.e., if they were expropriated) you'd have the trillion right there. Of course that wouldn't be fair to those who just barely have a net worth of a million. That's fine. Just scale the program to net worth. So a billionaire would pay more than a mere multi-millionaire. These guys will probably earn it all back anyway by hook or crook, so the adjustment would be temporary, but at least the proverbial "taxpayer" won't get the bill. The reduced purchasing power, meanwhile, would only be felt in the "high-end" market, so it would be a truly progressive program. Alternatively, yes, Americans could just stack up their unemployed somewhere and eat their kids.


Kirby Olson said...

False dichotomy: socialism or cannibalism.

The food distribution is still working in this country. No one is starving. If anything, we have an obesity epidemic like they'd have died for in the Middle Ages.

The supermarkets are stacked with aisles and aisles of wonderfully fattening and very good food.

Gasoline is below two dollars a gallon. If you get a coupon from the grocery store, you can get gas for under a dollar.

The bailouts are nonsense concocted by the neo-Marxist regime of BO to help the perennially non-functional become even more so. Fat people eating Twinkies while watching Jerry Springer reruns is what this country has come to.

The bailouts are intended to amplify that scenario.

Thomas said...

I agree that the bailout is nonsense, but I am more inclined to see a single combined neo-Marxist-neo-Conservative regime behind it. Including the Twinkies and Jerry Springer.

Love the new slogan though: We reject as false the choice between socialism and cannibalism. Nice.

Kirby Olson said...

It should go on my blog. It has a shocking sense to it. Thanks!

Thomas said...

Definitely. Anytime.

Laura Carter said...

I like your idea.