Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rooms, Space, and Time

A room is to space as a __________ is to time.

(more later)


Laura Carter said...


(I'm a good Foucauldian)


Harold Haller said...

A room is an enclosed space.
A life is an enclosed time.
Life is my initial reaction.

Thomas Basbøll said...

I like these suggestions, but I think I'm looking for a different analogy. A room is a concrete example of abstract space. Time is also an abstraction. What is the concrete instantiation of time, as a room is a concrete space?

Life (or everything, if I understand Laura correctly) is, in a sense, too big for this exercise. A single room is not like a whole life. But my space may be the totality of my rooms or the rooms I have access to (my roominess, if you will).

Following Goffman: an institution, i.e., a suite of rooms.

What does my life divide into as my home divides into rooms?