Monday, April 11, 2011

Doctrine of Method

If I am right, there is only one way to experience institutions. You must feel them. That is why only poets are qualified to "study" (wrong word) institutions. Just as only philosophers are qualified to study (more appropriate there) intuitions. One must think.

Properly speaking (and why not speak properly for a change) there is no "method" to the "study" of institutions. There is a mandate to engage with them.

And not even that. Methods are for scientists. Mandates are for politicians. Poets and philosophers have only their style. A kind of cunning, put in writing.


Anonymous said...

If feeling is your method, isn't "if I'm right" superfluous, as it belongs to a different method?

Thomas said...

I don't know. I take "if it feels right" to be a meaningful antecedent.