Sunday, November 04, 2012

WCW on Prose, Poetry, and Emotion

I just finished Spring and All, embarrassed, now, to admit that it's my first time reading it as a whole, as a book. I'll have a lot to say about it in the weeks to come. Tonight, I just want to note that on page 85 Williams says that "poetry liberates the words from their emotional implications, prose confirms them in it". This is very much line with my thinking about how a poem "extricates" the feeling from the emotion our institutions imposes on our experience of history.


Iain said...

i think everyone feels that way (embarrassed that they hadn't done so earlier) after reading spring & all for the first time. i know i did.

Thomas said...

Especially since I have read The Waste Land. WCW said Eliot's poem "set him back about twenty years". I see what he means. In another sense, it certainly set me back about that much.