Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring and Whatever Fall Was

Here [defining "imagination"] Kant uses both large type and extra spacing for emphasis. (Footnote on p. 256 of Guyer and Wood's translation of the Critique of Pure Reason.)

[Demuth tell us] that design is function of the IMAGINATION, describing its movements, its colors (William Carlos Williams, Spring and All, p. 16).

Williams uses this device for emphasis in several places. What does he emphasize?

Meanwhile, SPRING, which has been approaching for several pages, is at last here. (16) great works of the imagination A CREATIVE FORCE IS SHOWN AT WORK MAKING OBJECTS WHICH ALONE COMPLETE SCIENCE AND ALLOW INTELLIGENCE TO SURVIVE... (37)

It lives as pictures only can: by their power TO ESCAPE ILLUSION... (38)

[Shakespeare's] actual power was PURELY of the imagination. ... his buoyancy of imagination raised him NOT TO COPY [his fellows] ... (53)

The primitives are not back in some remote age — the are not BEHIND experience. (68)

That is: life is absolutely simple. In every civilized society everyone should know EVERYTHING there is to know about life at once and always. There should never be permitted, confusion — (76)

There's more, but I'll leave it there.

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