Monday, August 11, 2014

The Enigma of Departure

Giorgio de Chirico.
The Enigma of Arrival and the Afternoon, 1911-12.

After almost ten years, I've decided to retire this blog. It has become clear to me that if this line of thinking is ever going to amount to anything it will have to become a book of some kind. I will keep my notes about poetry and philosophy to myself while I work on it.

There's a lot of stuff in the archives and I'm going to leave it up for anyone who's interested. I'm grateful to everyone who has followed along and commented on my ideas, both online and off. You have helped me to find whatever precision—clarity in regard to concepts, intensity in the grip of emotion—these pages may provide.

This is not quite my last post. It's only an announcement. As an official tenth-anniversary/retirement party on November 17, I'm going to post a kind of summary of what I think I've been doing here and what I may have accomplished.


Presskorn said...

I'm really sad that you're breaking up the piece of my daily routine which consists of pulling down the browser bookmark entitled 'The Pangrammaticon'.

I guess i'll just have to do with the "book of some kind" that these thoughts ALREADY are, namely "Likeness" - which I somehow talked the librarian at LSE into buying arguing that as an important advancement in social epistemology it was indispensible for the world's largest collection of books in social science. I'd be curious to know the number of times it has left their shelves. Regardless of the number, I can only say, as a compliment to thoughts which have been collected here on "The Pangrammaticon" over the years, that the number is too little.

JforJames said...

Sorry to hear that you're closing shop. I've enjoyed stopping by from time to time.

Be well and let us know if you write that book on poetry and philosophy. I'll buy one.