Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Memory Harness

You can use a small screw driver or paper clip
to remove the image,
inserting it into the front of the plastic harness.

Use the top of the metal frame as a guide
as you push the screwdriver into the back of the sleeping body,
then tilt it up.

This unlocks a plastic stop and allows the image
to come into view. Once you've unlocked
the spare sentiment from the harness

add 12, 16 or 18 images to the bare end
so that you have enough to run the radio wire through the controls
and up to the light connector.

After that is done connect the metal frame
to the image harness and make sure it snaps in securely.
Take the 10th or 14th image from this "memory rig"

and tap the thin solid red wire it displays.
This is the liar that controls the light.



I'm not sure how successful this is. I'm still trying to understand what I like about Lara Glenum's poems. Using
Simon's review of "The Eggs of My Amnesia" as a point of departure, I first found a poem I've called "The Wire Harness", which I've now gerrymandered a bit to give us something, I hope, more obviously "poetic" and approaching (only approaching) the Glenumesque. More to come (unless there are very many complaints).

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