Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fruit and Stuff

I'm overjoyed about the comments I received on Saturday's posts. Thank you, Laura. Thank you, Kasey. I'm trying to confine my postings to the weekend, at which time I'll post something on the 'goodness' of poetry, its institutional basis, and, well, stuff. (Keep in mind that the transfiguration of Kant's paragraph is often mechanical, and always local. I replace words, not ideas, and so the consequences take a while to work out, even if they are immediately striking.)

As to the essence and virtue of a poem. Here are two groups of words I'll be mulling over til the weekend.


The fruit on the futon,
The cabbage and the croûton:
These, and a pretty pluot,
Are mine. What've you got?


apples on the sofa
cabbage and beans in the corner
coffee stained rug
dirty ashtray

See you on the weekend.

1 comment:

Gary Norris said...

hey Thomas, hope you are well. I have posted two responses to the apples on a sofa line and will produce a couple for fruit on a futon shortly.