Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Over the past few months a number of encounters on the blogs listed to your right have made me appreciate the potential of this medium. So I thought I might give it a go myself. I'm not really sure how to begin, nor even when one can be said to be under way, but being listed on The Unquiet Grave is no mean mark of distinction. Thanks Tony.

I suppose the most straightforward way of introducing my project is to say that I am a philosopher who suffers from MFA envy. I wish there were a writing programme for philosophers. (If anyone knows of one, let me know.)

Thinking is a craft skill. Philosophy is the art of writing concepts down. I want to use this blog to investigate what those two sentences could possibly mean.


Laura Carter said...

Really, it's nice to be one of the five folks (and the only woman) on your blogroll, which is a nice size and reminds me to go through and make sure all my links actually still function.


Now that I'm thinking of working on The Faery Queene for some time to come, I may have many questions about things that philosophy has dealt well with and literary criticism has not.

I need a class in philosophy for writers. When my blog doesn't immediately veer away from what it approaches in this sense, it serves that purpose (partially).

Glad to have a place to come chat here.

Thomas said...

Glad to have you along. I hope I can be as useful to you as you have been to me. I wanted to keep the blogroll to those blogs I read on a regular basis and therefore endorse in practice. It will probably grow a little over time, but the need to actually read them does put a material constraint on its length. I guess I like that kind of constraint.

Aaron McCollough said...

Thomas- you should go to the UCSB's History of Consciousness Program and write a creative/philosophical dissertation.

Jay said...


Hello and welcome! I just now found my way here. I'm enjoying making my way through your Heidegger word-replacement experiment.

Just wanted to say hi and wish you the best of luck.

BTW, I've heard awestruck reviews of the History of Consciousness program that Aaron mentions. Though this probably isn't a great time to spend time in the States . . .