Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Of Another Tostian Item

When you face this apparition in the clouds.
Zettel for a wet, black crowd.


With that the Pangrammaticon takes a Christmas break. Thanks to all those who have been following along and contributing along the way. Special thanks to Laura, Jay and Tony for their insightful comments, to Aaron for his tip, and to Gary and Marcus, and those I have forgotten, for spreading the word. Thanks also to anonymous. I know who you are, but I haven't allowed you to post a comment. Maybe next year.

Please (continue to) have a look around, leave your thoughts wherever you wish. See you in the new year.

Here are some posts I think are especially clever:

You should, of course, have a look at my series of pieces, entitled "The Annotated Pilot" on Tony Tost's "I Am Not the Pilot", which is a poem you should read in any case. I think Part IV of this series is probably the most coherent.

For some general observations and exercises of a vaguely philosophical kind, try "Remark and Strophe", "Metaphysical Composure", "Do your own thing, man" (about Heidegger's "The Turning"), "The History of the World" and "Likeness, Transparency, Delinity".

For light entertainment (or superior amusement, if you will) I recommend "Cécité à l’aspect", "Untested Poem", "Intermission" (which is also recommended by my sister) and (before bed) "Anodyne Pillow".


Laura Carter said...

Have a marvelous break.

Jay said...

Have a wonderful holiday, Thomas! Your thoughts and provocations, here and elsewhere, will be missed.

TT said...

Here's to a Tostian holidays for you & yours. Please return soon.



Aaron McCollough said...

Tip? I hope it was more than 20%. Oh, you mean about UCSB. Happy to tip more anytime, Thomas. Also to argue. You argue so well.

Laura Carter said...

Perhaps your sister could get her blog up and running? It looks like it would be of genuine interest to me.