Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Wire Harness*

You can use a small screw driver or paper clip
to remove the wire
by inserting it into the front of the plastic harness.

Use the top of the metal connector as a guide
as you push the screwdriver to the back of the harness,
then tilt the screwdriver up.

This unlocks a plastic stop and allows the wire
to come out the back. Once you've unlocked
the spare wire from the harness

add about 12" of 12v (18 gauge) wire to the bare end
so that you have enough to run the wire behind the HVAC controls
up to the pop up light connector.

After that is done connect the metal connector end
to the radio wire harness and make sure it snaps in securely.
Take the PIN 14 wire from the radio harness

and tap the thin solid red wire shown above.
This wire is the "panel lamp control" wire which controls the light


*This poem was found at the website of the Cape Fear Miata Club.

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