Saturday, May 28, 2005

Phanopoeia 1-2

Laura went at the superiority of the image itself. "I've eaten an apple, but I've never eaten a fruit," invoking, I suppose, Williams' "contact with experience". Moreover, she is right to point out that apples "come in nice colors: red, yellow, green, bruised, etc." Fruit, I take, is variously nutritious but not especially apt to throw anything onto the visual imagination.


Laura Carter said...

I'm kind of talking against my initial thought of "fruit": fake grapes on a futon in a futon store, displayed to look "poetic"? Purple? (There's a futon store on my street that evokes this sort of hokiness. Futons are hip now.)

The first color I think of in regards to "futon" is eggplant. (Purple. Hence the grapes.) That's a vegetable, right? (Send a tomato surprise my way if I need to set that straight.) Perhaps the strange color names we give things based on associations mucks me up a bit here.

So my internal contradiction: eggplant futon, fruit (hence purple grapes). And the hokey store. Which is hiring.

Laura Carter said...

Not to mention the fact that I own a sofa and not a futon. I'm partial.

Laura Carter said...

Last comment:

And the fact that apples can bruise, and often do (in clumps, knocking around, I think), gets to me.

The apples are unwaxed because my sofa is from a giveaway garage.

They are bruised.

All of this is kind of funny but evocative.