Sunday, August 13, 2006

Armor Fati

"Traicit et fati litora magnus amor."

Heinz Guderian once asked Hitler
"Was it really necessary to attack Kursk
and indeed in the East that year at all?
Do you think anyone even knows where Kursk is?"
To which Hitler agreed with him saying,
"I know. The thought of it turns my stomach."
It was just the two of us and we went to visit
my older sister. Soldiers headed for Iraq
are still buying their own body armor — and in
many cases, their families are buying it for them:
spikey quills covering body, hard shell on back.

They go on and on like you thought I stole
your armor. Just south of the guildtower and west
of the Knights of the Bad Face, north of the Spears
of Odin's Handmaidens (per fati un esempio
nel tread della gilda leggevo che piccolo fatica
weapons and armor are made by the best smiths
of the land. I want to know where to get shoulder pads.
To enable tanks and heavy armor to penetrate
to the camp, the IDF sent in the only survivor
of the incident. He explained how his son and his love
of your unchangeable fate buries secretly
her weapons as she takes up her sword again.

Surreal reality: my armor, my collapse module.
L'ouvrage de Michel Defromont s'appuie sur des
faits réels.
If somehow we do survive, if the path
does continue, I hope it is made by others like you.
My formula for greatness in a human being
has been wounded in this war, and because of
body armor and better emergency medicine, the dancing
became even more abandoned, with no sign that irony
can serve as a sufficient protective armor
against criticism of that aspiration for danger.

I finde it easier to beare all ones life a combersome
armour of the finer compositions of Rumba Music.

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