Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting My Own Drift

The great thing about the pangrammatical homologies (or supplements, as I'm now calling them) is that they force insights upon us we might not otherwise have. The connection between obedience and understanding, for example, was almost startling. By the time I arrived at drift as a supplement for rules I had forgotten that I began with intuition as the supplement for institution. This means that just as "the rules that govern society" are institutions, intuitions are "the drift that questions materiality". The latter is not as obviously true as the former. But if I'm right it is just as correct. Intuition calls materiality into question just as surely as institutions steer society. Just exactly what that means, I'll have to think on a little more.

Update (09/01/2020): see the update to the previous post. It may be more accurate to oppose rules and waves, leading us to imagine experience as rules adrift on waves. There are obviously some neat (easy?) connections here to the "duality" cultivated by physicists: intuitions are waves that challenge our materiality.

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