Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Descending Phrygian Blowout

"And in terms of 'copying', I don't think Bran is copying Trane as much as doing/exploring a Trane thing in this song...but he is not helping his case by creating a descending Phrygian blowout tune...almost exactly like "Transition"! High quality jazz from master musicians, but not what I would call Branford at his best." (Puujisan, comment on "Jack Baker")

I don't know exactly what a descending phrygian blowout is, but I like it.

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Andrew Shields said...

Check out Branford with the Grateful Dead:

Start with "Bird Song" (track 7) and then from "Eyes of the World" on (track 10).

No rehearsal, and Branford had never listened the Dead before in his life.